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The Battle of Twilight Gap (as told by the lore)

Gonna try do more of these; anyways. Twilight Gap. A battle that some say defines Guardians. A time of unity and togetherness in destiny's lore. A battle remembered for years to come. A story we've not seen fully told. So that is what I wanted to do today; retell it in a somewhat whole piece. (please note, the whole story is incomplete; very much like records of the Battle of Six Fronts. But I will try my best to make a coherent flow to show how the story played out). So where do we start? Fall of Osiris part 1 (the part that doesn't have all the lore inaccuracies). Andal Brask (Hunter Vanguard at the time) reports that Cayde-6 (Hunter Scout at the time) has seen the kell of House Kings, likely to be Craask. With the knowledge of an oncoming assault from the Houses of Fallen; The city would make preparations. The City Age Grimoire Card: [quote]outer sections abandoned and converted into fortifications in the wake of the Battle of Twilight Gap.[/quote] A contract was brookered between Osiris and the Sunbreaker for this battle (although this was revoked by Zavala when he replaced Osiris after the Gap). Bound By Fire Transcript: [quote]ZAVALA: Osiris brokered a contract between the Sunbreakers and the City. Its terms were unacceptable to me. Now, the Sunbreakers hate the Vanguard. They hate me.[/quote] Warlocks worked together to utilise powerful Light against the Fallen. Mystic Drain Flavour Text: [quote]At the desperate battle of Twilight Gap, Warlocks worked in concert to shatter the enemy. It was not quite enough.[/quote] The Final Living Iron Lord, Saladin Forge, would take command of the battle. He'd give both Lord Shaxx and Zavala commands during the battle. Iron Banner Rep grimoire card: [quote]A hero to the City and a legend in his own right, Saladin Forge led the City's defense during the Battle for the Twilight Gap. His protégés, Commander Zavala and Lord Shaxx, now lead the Tower's Vanguard and the Crucible, respectively. Saladin remains close to Zavala, though his relationship with Shaxx has been strained since the Twilight Gap.[/quote] But the Fallen put up a bigger fight. The combined forces of House Devils, House Kings and House Winter; they attacked the city. House of Devils Grimoire: [quote]These are the scourge of the City, the shadow below our walls. This is the House that led the battle at the Twilight Gap, the House we tell our children about to frighten them into behaving.[/quote] Scourge of Winter Quest flavour text: [quote]"The stories say the Fallen were once a proud people. Great, in their own way. We've only known them as pirates and butchers. Draksis was a thorn in the City's side during the Twilight Gap. Whether it's for the City or the Reef, taking him out seems like a good strategic move." - Ghost [/quote] Walker grimoire: [quote]Walkers are immediate and deadly threats, having ended the Light of countless Guardians. The Fallen do not hesitate to deploy them to provide overwatch for their salvage and extraction crews. Walkers are also commonly used as blocking forces to guard key Fallen assets. At the Battle of Twilight Gap, Walkers engaged in a thunderous artillery duel with the City's gun positions.[/quote] Whilst Twilight Gap was a victory, it didn't come without loss. Many died their final deaths during the battle. As a Team bounty flavour text: [quote]"You either learn to work with other Guardians or you perish. Twilight Gap taught me that." —Lord Shaxx[/quote] Twilight Gap grimoire card: [quote]Named for the City's greatest battle, this defensive battery once held the front line against the combined might of the Fallen Houses. Overrun during the course of the invasion, many Guardians lost their lives to hold the line.[/quote] Murvaux Type-0 greaves Flavour Text: [quote]"Kei-Ying. Gave his last full measure at Twilight Gap." —The Last Stands of First Pillars[/quote] Until the Mountaintop defence. The Mountaintop: [quote][Fireteam leaders: Do not advance on the Wall. Fall back to the Ridgeback District.] Shaxx freezes with a Vandal's windpipe in his fist. He waits for Saladin to justify the strategy. [I repeat: All teams rally at the Ridgeback District. Do NOT advance. The City is lost.] Shaxx drops the Vandal, then empties the rest of his clip into a Captain. He and his fireteam are running on fumes. The dead, Fallen and Guardian alike, litter the Twilight Gap. [Shaxx! Do you copy?] He risks a look over his shoulder at their home, the place they call the Last Safe City. Not burning. Not yet. Gritting his teeth, he reloads. [Shaxx, your orders are to retreat.] He sees a gap in the onslaught of invaders and gestures to the others. "Nkechi! Take Abdi and Truce. Liu Feng, with me! Bray! Cover us!" [This battlefield is not your stage, Shaxx! This is not about glory!] His fireteam doesn't hesitate. [Shaxx! For the final time: Fall! Back!] As the six of them crest the Wall, Shaxx cuts the feed.[/quote] "talk to Lakshmi-2" quest flavour text: [quote]"You want another story about the Twlight Gap? Ana Bray, the Hunter. We all dug deep that day. We all touched the Light in ways we never thought we could. Or should. Ana, though. When she fired the Gun, where her Golden blasts hit home, she left behind the pools of light. Like splashes of sunlight that burned and burned." —Lord Shaxx[/quote] Soon after a counterattack was made. Or at least another fight there. Warmind comics part 3 Zavala, Ana, Andal Brask. Saint-14 and Sloane. Saladin Forge. All endured during this battle. Fighting the Fallen. Which led to the disappearance of Ana Bray. And then it eventually ended. The aftermath showed many things: Feizel Crux and Victor Lomar made the first Gjallerhorns of legend. Gjallerhorn grimoire: [quote]The Gjallarhorn shoulder-mounted rocket system was forged from the armor of Guardians who fell at the Twilight Gap. Gifted to the survivors of that terrible battle, the Gjallarhorn is seen as a symbol of honor and survival.[/quote] Osiris would be exiled. Curse of Foresight: [quote]Consensus Meeting 2891.98 NM: "I note for the record that we are without a Warlock Vanguard or a Vanguard Commander." Andal Brask: "Two birds, one man." Zavala: "Ikora Rey is interim Warlock Vanguard for this meeting." Speaker: "Which brings us to our first order of business. Ikora Rey, the Consensus formally requests you assume the responsibilities of Warlock Vanguard." Ikora Rey: "Considering I've been performing those responsibilities for a while now, I accept." FWC: "Why did you cover for him for so long?" IR: "Someone had to do it." S: "Ahem. Now that we have Consensus, I may inform you I have decided to banish former Warlock Vanguard Osiris from the Last City." [murmurs] S: "Are there any objections?" DO: "None here. Maybe he'll find a better planet for us." [pause] S: "Very well. Next: I name Titan Vanguard Zavala as the new Vanguard Commander. Congratulations." [/quote] Saint-14's crusade: Legend: Saint-14 grimoire: [quote]He could feel his light draining. He pulled all of it into one last hope. He reeled back and bam! His helm found purchase, breaking through just above the Kell’s eyes. The Ether screamed from his head and together they fell to the ground. The Exo Guardian rose, staggering back. He couldn’t take his eyes off the Kell’s body. He’d never seen any Fallen withstand a skull puncture, but this was no ordinary Fallen. He waited...and waited. “Ghost?” The words barely audible. He heard her flash in, but had a hard time pinning her down. She was buzzing about, surveying the Fallen Kell. “He’s dead alright. So that’s it, we are done now?” He removed his helm, tossed it aside, and dropped to his knees. The Devils without a Kell. This war was over, at last. They could finally go home. “We are. Get me the Speaker.” “Opening his channel. Stand by.” “Is that you, my son?” The Speaker’s voice was filled more with anticipation of news than concern. “It is, father. The Devil Kell Solkis... is dead. This war is over.” “Such courage and power—the greatest ever to brace these worlds. You bring all of us peace, we will light the final flare, Devil Red. They will all know what you've done.” “Father, I don’t think I have the energy to return. I’ll rest here, and come back to be honored when I return.” “Of course, son, but—” “There is something concerning you? More Fallen march on the City?” “No, not this time. I have word that Osiris was seen on Mercury. The Caloris Basin. He’s turned his mind back to the Vex.” “Mercury? Too many channels to know. You activate one, you start to feed its veins. He threatens our peace.” “Your duty, my son. You must never forget.” “I cannot.” The Ghost killed the feed and waited for its Guardian’s words. “Ghost, prepare my Vex arsenal and plot a course for Mercury. That old man is about to wake up hell.”[/quote] And that is it. There are many holes in the story. Many things we don't know. But hopefully we will learn them eventually. For now that's it. What are your thoughts on the lore of the battle?

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