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Bungie.Net Code of Conduct Policy

Here at Bungie, we create worlds that inspire friendship.

When you joined our community on Bungie.net, you accepted our invitation to join us in this mission. True friendship relies on trust and respect. We trust you to respect your fellow players and live up to the standards of our Code of Conduct. Everyone is welcome, so long as they can be excellent to each other. When someone violates that trust, Bungie is committed to moderating the content found on our website and in our games.

This Code of Conduct and our Terms of Use apply to all parts of Destiny and Bungie.net, including Destiny accounts, Clans, forums, and private messages. Bungie reserves the right to moderate the content and the users on this website for any reason at our own discretion. To help you stay clear of an account restriction, we’ve illustrated our expectations below. These rules require you to use your best judgment: if you're not sure what you're about to share is appropriate, please don’t post it.

Code of Conduct

We will remove the following content (and the users who contribute it) from our website or our games:
  1. Disrespect of any kind; including hate speech based on but not limited to race, creed, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or nationality.
  2. Attempts to name and shame suspected cheaters, rather than using this form.
  3. Personal attacks, harassment, impersonation, or bullying other members of this community.
  4. Violations of privacy or sharing personal information (Bungie employees will never ask for your personal information in a forum post or direct message).
  5. Discussions of sensitive topics like politics and religion – outside the context of in-game story elements.
  6. Depictions, references, or descriptions of gory violence or explicit/implicit sexual content.
  7. Breaking the law, plotting crimes, or describing illegal activities.
  8. Threats to harm other members of this community, even if it was in jest.
  9. Compromising the player experience by circulating spoilers, hacks, or cheats.
  10. Distributing unauthorized copyrighted or trademarked material.
  11. Soliciting, plagiarism, or attempts at phishing.
  12. Contributions made with the sole intent of antagonizing users or disrupting the conversation.
  13. Evasion of bans, suspensions, or our language filter.

Explanations of User Conduct Rules

For a deeper explanation of these user conduct rules, please visit our Explanations of the Code of Conduct article.

Moderation Staff

Bungie has selected community volunteers to help ensure that our website and our games are safe places to express yourself and seek the help you need. You will know the people who made this mission their personal responsibility by the title badges they wear.

BUNGIE   An employee who supports Bungie.net and our players.

 NINJA    A community volunteer who helps us enforce this Code of Conduct and Terms of Use.

 MENTOR    A community volunteer who will help answer your questions and guide you.

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