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He is Back?? ( Fan Fiction)

Shin walks through the Headlands of the Shattered Coast amazed about how the Fallen presence has diminished over the past 5 years. He looks up on a small bluff and sees the silhouette of the hated Warlock....Osiris. Shin draws his weapon ready to put a shot through the heart of Osiris. Osiris raises both of his hands and says "Hold on my friend. I am not hear to fight. Although this would be a battle you could not win." Shin Malphur slowly lowers his gun. "We will have to see about that one day." Osiris jumps down off the small bluff and cautiously approaches Malphur. "I come with news that may interest you my friend, I get blamed for everything else so you can blame me for this if you so choose." Shin nonchalantly turns his back to Osiris. "What is it old man, you are wasting my time. Not to mention I just don't like you." Osiris slightly smiles under his mask, expecting Shin to say no less. "As you may have heard, that Guardian that has done more good than you or I could ever have done saved my friend, Saint 14." That caught the attention of Shin. He turned and looked Osiris in the eye. He knew Saint 14 had perished in the Infinite Forest and he figured Osiris was responsible for his death. "Sending the Guardian to clean up your mess. You have a way of dodging responsibly Osiris. How was this possible?" Osiris now turned his back to Shin. "The Sundial. The Red Legion was trying to alter time so that they would emerge victorious from the Red War. The Guardian stopped them and they saved Saint at my request. But I am afraid that buy trying to stabilize the timeline, it has had some less than desirable effects." Shin knew Osiris was a doom and gloom type. Never any good news. "What effects?" Shin growled. "He is back" Osiris says. "Dredgen Yor. In my attempt to save the future and a friend, the past has caught up to me." Shin lifted his gun and placed it at the back of Osiris' head. "I should kill you where you stand. It's not enough you ruin your own life but you drag others down with you." Osiris laughs. "You say you are different but you think and talk just like the rest of the Vanguard. He's out there Shin and I am sure he is looking for you. I thought I should let you know." Osiris transmats away and Shin is standing there holding his gun to nothing but air. "Once I am done with Yor, Nothing is going to keep me from you Osiris!"

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