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Items being removed at the end of Season of Arrivals
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Season of Arrivals ends at 7 PM PDT on November 9, 2020. Players will have until this date to complete any remaining Season of Arrivals quests and triumphs, and to collect any seasonal items.

Once Season of [REDACTED] begins, the following list of items will no longer be available to players from the Season of Arrivals. This list contains only content from Season of Arrivals, and is not indicative of content entering the Destiny Content Vault with the start of Year 4. For more information on the Destiny Content Vault, please click here.

Items and Activities 

  • Season of Arrivals Season Pass and bonuses from the Season Pass (previously earned items from the Season Pass can be claimed here)
  • Season of Arrivals Seal and Forerunner title
  • Emblems and Shader Quests/items from the Season of Arrivals
  • Season of Arrivals introductory quests
  • Prismatic Recaster
  • Umbral Decoder
  • Altered Element
  • Trace Overrides
  • Twisted Energy
  • Unopened Umbral Engrams
  • Gifts of Light & Dark bonuses
  • Contact Public Event: Io
  • Contact Public Event: Titan
  • The Seed of Silver Wings seasonal artifact
  • Player power increase from the Seed of Silver Wings
  • Prophecy Dungeon (will return in a later Season)
  • Ruinous Effigy quest
  • Traveler's Chosen quest
  • The Cradle 

Season 11 Triumphs

  • Season of Arrivals: Vanguard
  • Season of Arrivals: Power Bonus
  • Season of Arrivals: Season Pass Rank
  • Seed Acquired
  • Mod Collector
  • Upgrade Gift Ranks
  • Contact: Heavy Hitters
  • Contact: Destinations
  • Interference: Loop
  • Interference: Clear the Air
  • Ancient Light Anew
  • Hive-God Optometrist
  • Exodus: Preparation
  • Exodus: Evacuation
  • Basic Focus
  • Advanced Pyramid Focus
  • Advanced Exodus Focus
  • Advanced Dredgen Focus
  • Advanced Armor Focus
  • Prophecy Complete
  • Prophecy Dungeon Flawless
  • Prophecy Dungeon Solo
  • Prophecy Dungeon Solo Flawless
  • Urn it
  • Grandmaster: The Corrupted
  • Grandmaster: Savathûn's Song
  • Grandmaster: Lake of Shadows
  • Grandmaster: Strange Terrain
  • Grandmaster: The Festering Core
  • Grandmaster: A Garden World
  • Confidence is High
  • Safe Harbor
  • Guardian of the Lighthouse
  • This Is the Way
  • All Flawless map triumphs
  • All other Season 11 triumphs
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