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Destiny 2: Guardian Games
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Guardian Games

Guardian Games is an event for all Destiny 2 players to celebrate their favorite class as they compete against one another to see whose class reigns supreme. The winning team will have bragging rights, as well as a commemorative statue on display next to Zavala for the entire year.

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Class-Based Competition

Gain Medals from Eva Levante and complete them to earn points for your class’s team.

Players can pick up medals from Eva and complete them. Turning completed Medals in to the Tower Podium will increase your team’s daily score.

Pick up Laurels dropped by other players during Guardian Games to complete Medals and advance your team's rankings. Laurels will drop in all activities except for Gambit and Crucible, where they will be awarded after a match has ended.

Exotic Ghosts
Complete Eva’s weekly exotic quest to claim one of three exotic ghosts. Complete all three weekly quests to gain all three.

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Tower Podium

During Guardian Games, the Tower’s Guardian Games Podium will change daily to reflect the current status of the leading team. Class flags will update throughout the day to show which team is leading – gold is first place, silver is second place, and bronze is third place. There will also be a calendar showing the winner for each day throughout the event.

In addition to the Podium, player’s class items will also change colors daily to show their current place, being gold, silver, or bronze.

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Vital Information

Listed below is vital information that players should know when participating in Guardian Games. 

  • Players must wear their Guardian Games class item in order to progress any Guardian Game bounties. 
  • Eva’s daily reward packages will only be available to players who participated in that day’s competition by depositing at least one medal. 
  • Daily reward packages do not stack. Eva holds at most one package for players at a time. 
  • Laurels do not drop in Gambit or Crucible, and are instead rewarded directly to players. 
  • Unrecovered laurels do not go to a player’s Postmaster and must be picked up to count.

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Storage Requirements

Platform Destiny 2 Install Size Storage Space Needed for Installation
Xbox Series X|S 70.0 GB 70.0 GB
PlayStation 5 67.0 GB 67.0 GB
PlayStation 4
70.78 GB70.78 GB
Xbox One 65.7 GB 65.7 GB
PC 69.7 GB* 69.7 GB
* PC: Destiny 2 Install Size may vary based on languages installed, size shown is maximum size possible 

Installing and Updating Destiny 2

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