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Season Pass, Ranks, Artifacts and Mods
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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep marks the beginning of Year 3 in Destiny 2. Players will gain access to a brand new story campaign on the Moon destination, along with new activities, increased Power, and more. Shadowkeep will be released on Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

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Season Pass

A Season Pass gives players access to limited-time events within a Destiny 2: Shadowkeep season. Throughout a Season, players can tackle new challenges and discover new lore. When a Season ends, its pursuits and activities are replaced with those from the new Season.

Included in a Season Pass are Premium Track rewards for Seasonal Ranks which gives players access to rewards earlier than the Free Track. More information about Season Pass Ranks can be found below. 

A player’s Season Pass and its progression will be able to travel with a player via Cross Save. Player’s should enable Cross Save before applying the Season Pass if they plan to play on multiple platforms. 

Each Season Pass costs $10 and can be purchased before or during a specific season. A Season Pass for a specific season can’t be purchased after that season has ended. 

Seasonal Ranks

Seasonal Ranks are new to Destiny 2 and allow all players to earn rewards by playing the game and earning XP. Each rank (up to 100) requires a certain amount of XP to unlock. 

There are two tracks of a Seasonal Rank: Free and Premium. The Free track is available to all players regardless of what Destiny 2 content they own, whereas the Premium track is only available to players who own the current Season Pass, giving earlier access to certain rewards found in the Season Ranks compared to the Free track. 

Once a season ends, the ranks will reset and players will be able to earn new rewards from the tracks. 

Artifacts and Mods

Artifacts are free to all players and allow you to further customize your Guardian’s build every Season by unlocking additional mods to socket in your Armor 2.0 gear. Earning XP just by playing will level up your Artifact, letting you unlock the next mod you want for your characters. 

While leveling up and unlocking mods, you will also increase the Power of the Artifact, which will continue increasing until the end of the Season. Artifact Power adds directly to your overall Power and is account-wide.

Seasonal Artifacts and Seasonal mods will go away at the end of each Season.

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