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Legendary Masterworks Guide
Destiny 2
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Legendary Masterworks are Legendary weapons and armor in Destiny 2 that are upgraded to have modified traits. Legendary gear can be upgraded to Masterworks through the use of various upgrade materials, but can also drop from any source of Legendary gear. Raid and Trials of Osiris weapons and armor will have a very high chance to be Masterworks when earned as rewards.

PLEASE NOTE: Legendary gear purchased directly from vendors cannot drop as a Masterwork, and must be upgraded by the player. Vendor engrams, earned by completing activities, milestones, or by turning in vendor tokens, can drop as Masterworks, with the exception of Raid gear. Raid Masterworks can only be received as drops directly from Raid activities, or by upgrading a non-Masterworked Raid gear.

Masterwork Traits

Listed below are the unique traits offered by Legendary gear that has been upgraded to Masterwork.

Legendary Weapon Masterworks

Legendary Weapon Masterworks have the following bonus traits:
    • Track and display the number of enemies defeated with that weapon (with choice between total count or Crucible-only count)
    • Generate orbs for you and your allies on multi-kills
    • Weapon stat bonuses that are selected randomly from a small pool
    • Dismantle into Enhancement Cores and Legendary Shards

Legendary Armor Masterworks

Legendary Armor Masterworks have the following bonus traits:
    • Armor stat bonuses
    • Maximum Energy Slots for mod equips
    • Dismantle into Enhancement Cores and Legendary Shards

Identifying Masterworks

Legendary Masterwork weapons and armor can be identified by the gold trim present on their icon, tooltip, and inspection screen. Masterwork gear also makes a distinct audio queue when dropped into the player's loot stream. This gold trim will display even if an ornament is currently applied to the weapon or armor piece.

Upgrade Materials

Masterworking weapons and armor requires a variety of materials based on the current Tier or Energy level of the gear piece. The cost to increase the Tier or Energy level of a piece of gear will begin low, and increase as the Tier or Energy level increases. These materials can include Glimmer or Upgrade Modules, all the way up to the rarer Enchantment Prisms and Ascendant Shards. 

Upgrading to Masterworks

Listed below are the steps required to upgrade Legendary weapons and armor to Masterwork status.

Upgrading armor to Masterwork

Legendary armor can be upgraded to Masterworks by:

      1. Inspect the Legendary armor piece
      2. Hover over the Energy bar
      3. Select and hold to increase the Energy level of the armor piece at the cost pictured.
      4. Repeat until 10 Energy is reached to Masterwork the armor piece

Upgrading weapons to Masterwork

Legendary weapons can be upgraded to Masterworks by:

      1. Inspect the Legendary Weapon
      2. Hover over the Tier slot 
      3. Select the next upgrade Tier from the menu to increase the weapon's Tier by 1 
      4. Repeat until Tier 10 is reached to Masterwork the weapon
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