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Destiny 2 Guided Support
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Getting Started

Whether new to the Destiny franchise or a returning player, the following are support avenues for getting into the game.


Some activities and features will not become available until a Character has completed the New Light quest. All Year 1 expansions are accessible to all Destiny 2 players. For additional information concerning activity access and availability, follow the links below.

New Light
Destiny 2 Guided Games

Curse of Osiris

The Red War


 Public Spaces
Armor 2.0 and Finishers Strikes

Destiny 2 Expansions

For information concerning Destiny 2's expansions, please follow the appropriate links below: 

Forsaken GuideShadowkeep Guide


Eververse and Silver return with Destiny 2, while introducing a new Inventory, Bright Engrams and Silver Dust. For all information concerning Eververse, please follow the links below:

Purchasing Silver
Bright Engrams Bright Dust
Reporting an Eververse Issue

Destiny 2 Known Issues and Support

For information concerning Destiny 2 Known Issues, or avenues to report issues with gameplay or physical products, please follow the appropriate link below: 

Destiny 2 Known Issues PC Known Issues
Physical Product Support and Replacement

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