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Bungie Bounty Guide
Destiny 2
Xbox One
PlayStation 4

The Bungie Bounty is a community event in which Bungie will identify a target player that others player can compete against to earn an exclusive Emblem in Destiny 2. Please see below for more details on the Bungie Bounty community event.

Event Details

The details of an upcoming Bungie Bounty will be announced in the News section.
  • The announcement will designate the target player, usually a prominent community member or Bungie employee
  • The announcement will also include the date, time, playlist and platform on which the target player will be participating in the Bungie Bounty event
  • Players that compete and win in the Bungie Bounty may earn the “Sign of Mutual Combat” Emblem in Destiny 2 which is exclusive to the Bungie Bounty event

Winning the Bungie Bounty

To win the “Sign of Mutual Combat” Emblem, players must meet one of the following win conditions during the time detailed in the Bungie Bounty announcement:
  • Win the match if placed into the team opposing the target player
  • Win the match if placed into an open slot on the target player's team

Please Note: If the target player leaves the match, the players that meet one of the above win conditions will still qualify for the Emblem reward. Players in a Bungie Bounty match should complete the match, even if the target player disconnects or leaves the match.

Receiving the Emblem

Players that participated in the Bungie Bounty and met one of the above listed win conditions will receive the “Sign of Mutual Combat” Emblem in Destiny 2.
  • Emblems are distributed manually are expected to arrive within one week
  • Qualifying players should follow @Bungie and @Cozmo23 on Twitter for updates on Emblem distribution
  • Once the Emblem has been applied to the account of qualifying players, it will appear in the Emblem Collection in the Vault in Destiny 2

Vital Information

Please see below for additional information players may need to know about the Bungie Bounty event.
  • Missing Emblems: Qualifying players that did not receive their Emblem may post a thread to the #Help forum and provide a link to the game stats in question. Screenshots are not accepted as evidence for qualification.

  • Region and Platform Availability: The Bungie Bounty attempts to feature target players on different platforms and from different regions when available. Target players may decide to feature multiple platforms during their Bungie Bounty. For additional information, stay tuned to the News section on and @Bungie on Twitter.

  • Matching Against Bungie Employees: Players may only qualify for the “Sign of Mutual Combat” Emblem by meeting the win conditions in a match with the target player during the Bungie Bounty. Players that win matches that include a Bungie employee or a previous target player outside of an announced Bungie Bounty do not qualify for the Emblem.
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