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Deleted Item and Character Policy
Destiny 1
Destiny 2
Destiny: Guardians (Korea)
All Platforms
Whether due to accidental deletion or unauthorized account access, Bungie does not recover manually deleted characters or items, and does not replace in-game items that are lost or dismantled.

Bungie does not provide the following services:

  • Restoration of deleted characters
  • Recovery of dismantled, scrapped, deleted, or otherwise discarded items
  • Recovery of mistakenly Infused items
  • Recovery of items lost due a Character's Postmaster being full
  • Recovery of items lost due to Player Inventories being full
  • Restoration of access to items or content gained through game sharing
  • Refunding in-game currencies on accidental purchases
  • Refunding Silver or transferring Silver between platform accounts, Destiny releases, or inactive accounts when Cross Save is enabled
  • Transferring items or characters between platform accounts or inactive accounts when Cross Save is enabled

Account Security

To prevent unauthorized access to an account, please see the Account Security Guide.
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