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5/22/2013 10:09:29 PM

Curse of the Yellow Jem

My story begins in the jungles of a far off land. I was investigating ancient ruins from a civilization long since past. It was a fulfilling exploration and I learned a great deal. Yet all of this knowledge does not outweigh the evils that I unwittingly unleashed when I discovered a relic of that ancient race. It was an exquisite yellow jewel, finely cut and radiant. I decided to take it from its home and departed back towards civilization. Yet as I rested in the jungle one night, I could hear a lumbering in the darkness. The figure was clouded in shadow, but I could see its piercing yellow eyes. They were pure evil. I could feel a presence trying to ensnare me and drag me into the brush, but I resisted and ran away as far as I could. I managed to escape the beast and did eventually make it back to my home city. It was good to be home once again, but this happiness was short lived. As I lay asleep, I felt a familiar presence. Those yellow eyes were back and staring at me once more! It must've wanted the gem, but I stubbornly refused to relinquish it. I hurriedly left my home and departed for the city square, gem in tow, where I had hoped this would dissuade the creature from pursuing me. Nearby the square was a recently constructed amusement park where I hoped I would find sanctum, yet it was deserted. I wandered aimlessly through the park, yet the lumbering continued to follow me. Once more I was caught by an invisible force and this time dragged closer to my attacker. I could not make out any finer features, but I gathered this vile beast was massive in size and labored in breath. I clawed my way out and fled the park. Ever since then I have fled to the far corners of the Earth to escape this terrible dread that plagues me. I isolated myself in an undisclosed arctic area in the hope that the jungle spirit would be dissuaded by the extreme cold. It was a bitter existence, but for a while I was safe. Upon returning to my domicile, a blizzard was beginning and those frightening yellow eyes glared at me from the frozen whiteness. Stupidly, I ran into the frost and fell down a steep hill. I screamed as I fell down, down, down. The screaming caused an avalanche and riding that avalanche was the beast, still obscured. The force grabbed me again, disorienting me and bringing me nearly face-to-face with the monster, yet I only saw its grinning saber-like teeth. I pulled out the gem and pleaded with my life, but this did not seem to make much of a difference. Still, once more I escaped by lucky, a tree branch snared my jacket, and once more I returned to civilization. By this point, I had given up hope of living and simply tried to live each day as though it were my last. This went on for three weeks and they were the happiest I had been in a good long time. The day I still dread came upon the end of the third week. I was relaxing on a beach, gazing at the colorful variety of tropical fish swimming in the crystal clear water. The lumbering returned and so did the force, but instinctively I resisted and jumped into the water. I swam into a nearby cove, choking on water from my sudden ascent. Here I was, sitting inside a dark cave, scared, shivering and knowing the end was nigh. It was then I heard the foul beast as it called for me: "Froggy, where are you?"

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