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12/8/2021 7:49:43 AM

More are waiting on destiny download remindful me the worst moment: when I eated the peepee cookie

I, MendaR is swet skin when neer gorlz. Even as 8 year old squeak toy MendaR is swet near bootiful gorlz. Why? The MendaR body then is slim stick, arms like bodum hangars and leg the resemblancing of scooty skelotin. Today, even as new 30th update of Destin whirl descends into xxx box, MendaR rams memorys of I the 8 year MendaR through the walls of me's past. Same as Uncle Ivan's vodkas retreat: body top speed dashing, then jumping, rhino skull to smash through 2 drywalls and into Mrs. Morrowitz Apt, the wall, the wire, and the pride to collapse in calamitous heep. But Of I? Not so much the physics smash on head like Marios bottom grasped by big bowser hand, and hed under arm swalloped into coin box. No, not this physic is MendaR memory. It is sham. The shame like dream of nood before hole class and all undies hidden in a grandmas freezer. So now. This storie. When 8 as unto the presently, MendaR is swet skin when bootiful gorlz is neer. Sum swet makes shooe pond, some swett makes pit arms like gator marsh. The bohdy is nerves up and down. Once, when visit Russias with mother to visits fathor, MendaR N' Mommy enters Russia wal mart. not wall mart, but same. Growing as little leech boy in Indi, MendaR has never seen gorlz like Russia gorlz: the swet poured fastor then The Rock locked in dishwasher under the toaster phase. Soon I, MendaR, musts pees. Never b4 hass MendaR into bathroom solitary. So go. Room filled of Rusky mens. All big shrek men, but no green. Skin white, and many tatoo. Now smol MendaR boi is feared: wat if they thinking MendaR is yum like MendaR thinks Russia gorl is yum? Now tables turned. MendaR is feared. Legs rattle like Haloween scooty skelotin. Quick I dash to peepee tower. And then eyes behold treasure: down, in bottom it sits. The PeePee Cookie! Is blu, and round, and smell of spring flowers fills air instead of pee. "How?", the smol boy brain asks. "Majiks?" In Indie never a peepee cookie had I's seen. But then, as smol MendaR thinks, mystified, a Russian shrek bigger, widder, and highest of all Russ shreks walks in. Sees MendaR. MendaR sees. Then they snorts *sniff* *sniff* and beginning to walk unto I, MendaR. Boy brain races faster then cocaine sonic birdhog running from redneck barry allen thirsting to cook bbq. Boy MendaR brain even fastor. But the brain's ideas dried, and Russia shrek was close, only 2 steppings away close. With all brain signals ded, I, boy MendaR reaches down. I grab the peepee cookie. I eats it. I eats and eats and eats. But Russia shrek only walks by, opens potty cubicle, and butt burps like roar of lion. Did not want smol MendaR. But by time I, the dumb boy realized the safety, the peepee cookie was gone. All ate. Soon out the bath room emerge. Go to mom. She asks "ok? Yours eyes and skin green" MendaR smiles bak like frog who eats bad slugs. We buy foods and things. While we purchase, a bootiful gorl visage unto Catherine the great rings grocerys. Smiles at boy MendaR. MendaR feels like god. But suddenly, like deaf man standing upon volcano, the belly explodes. Fountain of barffs and hunks of peepee cookie soaks gorocery store Catherine. The pride of I, MendaR, withered. So if problem come to u, like destin problem or life problem: remembering boy MendaR and the eternal Shame. And make you heart thanking: even today, if bootiful Russia girl is seen, my brain still smels the peepee cookie. [spoiler]Am sorry if Englishing bad. More have I study. Pleeze not teez MendaR. Love and thanks. Christmas. [/spoiler]

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