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[BNG] Beyond Light & Season of the Splicer Known issues/Vital Info. - Updated June 9

[quote][b][u]DISCLAIMER[/u][/b] [b]This is not a complete list of all known issues, but a targeted list of specific issues.[/b][/quote] [i]Last Updated: June 9, 2021[/i] --- [b]VITAL INFORMATION[/b] [quote]• [url=/en/Help/Article/49651]Season 12-14 Known Issues article[/url] • [url=/en/Forums/Post/258390273]Companion App Issues[/url] • [url=/en/Help/Article/46684]PC Known Issues[/url] • [url=/en/Forums/Post/257630620]PC FPS Issues thread[/url] [/quote] [u]GENERAL[/u] [quote] • [b]Season Passes[/b] will be applied to the first character account that signs in. Players should set up Cross Save BEFORE logging in to Destiny 2. For more information, [url=/CrossSave]click here[/url]. • [b]Universal Ornaments[/b] only appear on “Legendary” purple-background armor that show an Energy cost (Solar, Void, Arc) on them. • [b]Stasis subclasses[/b] are only available with a Destiny 2: Beyond Light game license. Players who do not own Destiny 2: Beyond Light on a platform, even with Cross Save active, will lose access to the Stasis subclasses. [/quote] [u]SEASON OF THE SPLICER CONTENT[/u] [quote] • Some universal ornaments may incorrectly [b]display a number[/b] on the ornament. • Some seasonal emblems from Season of the Splicer are missing [b]their associated stat trackers.[/b] • The [b]Splicer Gauntlet[/b] details screen does not show how many Cyber Keys the player has crafted. • When players first acquire the [b]Splicer Gauntlet[/b], the Gauntlet’s progress bar may incorrectly display as full. Players can collect Ether to correct the bar’s progress. • The [b]Decrypted Data Trove items on ranks 2, 12, and 32 of the Season of the Splicer Season Pass[/b] can be acquired with a full inventory. Players should ensure that they have space in their inventory before claiming these ranks. • In the [b]Override activity[/b], player grenades may fall through the floor when fighting boss enemies. • In the [b]Override activity[/b], players using swords may not receive the visual effects of picking up Motes. • In the Season of the Splicer introduction quest [b]”The Last Splicer”[/b], players will not be able to summon their Sparrows. • When players first receive the [b]Splicer Gauntlet[/b], it will incorrectly show 0/0 Ether before it is placed in the player’s inventory. • Players who interact with the [b]Splicer Servitor[/b] before completing the Season of the Splicer introduction quest may see a blank screen. Players will need to complete the quest to properly interact with the Servitor. • In the [b]Expunge activity[/b], Gravity Cannons are killing players when they try entering them from behind. • Emblems that track the fastest [b]Expunge completion time[/b] incorrectly show the most recent Expunge completion time. • In the [b]Expunge: Tartarus activity[/b], completing the boss fight too quickly may result in the activity continuing indefinitely. [/quote] [u]SEASON OF THE CHOSEN CONTENT[/u] [spoiler] • Upon completing Presage players should make sure that they pick up the weapon and [b]wait until the mission end timer appears prior to leaving the activity[/b] to ensure quest progress is recorded. • Players will need to complete the free Beyond Light intro mission to access [b]Battleground: Hailstone[/b]. • The [b]Umbral Infiltration[/b] quest step can be progressed with Super Final Blows from any subclass. • Socketing the Hammer of Proving prior to receiving a quest step to do so will not complete the step; [b]players will need to re-socket the Hammer to progress.[/b] • Decrypting an [b]Umbral Engram[/b] with a full inventory of Engrams will result in a Legendary Engram being sent to the Postmaster. • Step 2 of the [b]Decrypting Darkness[/b] quest will not grant a free Umbral Engram when being completed on secondary characters.[/spoiler] [b]TOP ISSUES BEING INVESTIGATED[/b] [u]GENERAL[/u] [quote] • We are investigating issues related to color-blind modes in [b]Override[/b] and [b]Atheon's Throne Room[/b]. • We are investigating visual issues present in the [b]Gorgon Maze[/b] in the Vault of Glass raid. • If in a fireteam, the [b]"New Destination: Europa" tutorial[/b] can only be completed by the fireteam leader. • [b]Enhancement Cores[/b] sent to the Postmaster will appear as Exotic Engrams with 0 Power. Players should note that they are not missing out on an Exotic reward when this occurs. • The [b]Preview Emote[/b] button is not appearing when viewing emotes in Eververse. • Shaders that came pre-built on armors, such as Iron Banner shaders, [b]appear before the Default option[/b] in the Appearance Customization menu. • Some players may appear as [b]invisible or visually loading[/b] for extended periods of time. [/quote] [u]ERROR CODES[/u] [quote] • We are currently investigating connection issues related to error codes [b]ANTEATER[/b] and [b]WEASEL[/b]. • We are currently investigating an increase in [b]BEAGLE[/b] errors. [/quote] [u]PC[/u] [quote] • We’re investigating reports of issues related to [b]low performance on PCs[/b]. For more information, please [url=]click here[/url]. • Some players report that [b]cutscenes suffer from severe stutter[/b] and result in an extremely poor viewing experience. • Players running Destiny with an [b]integrated graphics card[/b] may encounter gameplay performance issues if the integrated graphics card does not meet the minimum required PC specs. • The [b]/join command[/b] may not allow players to join other players on PC. [/quote] [u]CONSOLE[/u] [quote] • On Xbox One, [b]game chat[/b] stops being sent when headsets are swapped or re-connected. • On controllers, players cannot [b]exit Sparrows or scan lore[/b] when the Ghost orb is out. • When using the [b]DualSense controller[/b] and playing the [b]backwards compatible version of Destiny 2 on PlayStation 5[/b], the controller rumble is intense. The DualSense Vibration Intensity can be adjusted by pressing the PS button on the Controller, navigating to Accessories > Wireless Controller > Controller Settings, and adjusting Vibration Intensity. Players can also use a PS4 Controller instead. [/quote] [u]ITEMS AND WEAPONS[/u] [quote] • Some weapons that can be obtained from the Gunsmith are [b]missing masterwork slots.[/b] • [b]Ascendant Shards[/b] from Crucible and Gambit rank rewards cannot be acquired with a full consumables inventory, even if there is room in an Ascendant Shard stack. • The Anti-Barrier Scout mod doesn't allow certain [b]scout rifles[/b] to pierce regular non-Champion shields. • Silver buckles from [b]various Warlock armor ornaments[/b] are missing. • Obtaining [b]Exodus Down armor[/b] does not count toward the Red War Collections badge. • The 2021 [b]Guardian Games class items[/b] are showing incorrect rankings. • The [b]Share A Glass[/b] emblem is missing its associated stat trackers. [/quote] [u]EXOTICS[/u] [quote] • The Titan Exotic chest armor [b]Heart of Inmost Light[/b] does not grant bonus health to barricades. • The Titan Exotic chest armor [b]Heart of Inmost Light[/b] does not grant a damage buff to the Defensive Strike melee ability. • The [b]Feast of Light[/b] perk on the Star-Eater Scales armor is not working as intended when stepping in a [b]Well of Radiance[/b]. [/quote] [u]BOUNTIES AND QUESTS[/u] [quote] • The Crucible Stasis fragment quest [b]"Timeless Victory"[/b] progresses inconsistently. • The [b]"Crucible in Your Sights"[/b] quest cannot be progressed with long-range non-precision Guardian kills. • During the quest [b]"Tying It All Together"[/b], when interacting with the Loom, the text to interact may not appear. • In the [b]"Cosmodrome: Slayer"[/b] bounty, the bounty incorrectly states that it progresses by “defeating any combatants or guardians"; only enemy combatants will progress this bounty. • The Battlegrounds activity will not progress the [b]“A Sacred Fusion”[/b] quest. • The [b]"Destination Threader”[/b] Armor Synthesis bounty incorrectly states to open Blind Well chests to progress the bounty. Players must defeat Blind Well bosses to complete the bounty. [/quote] [u]ACTIVITIES[/u] [quote] • The weekly [b]Expunge mission[/b] was advertised as a weekly Pinnacle mission. However, [b]it will not grant Pinnacle rewards until the weekly challenge is added on June 15th.[/b] We are updating our articles and calendars to reflect this. • We are investigating issues related to several color-blind modes obscuring the Oracles in [b]Atheon’s Throne Room[/b]. • The [b]Europa patrol "To the Nth Power"[/b] cannot be progressed with Stasis super kills as a Warlock. • Players may sometimes be facing the incorrect way when going through the ascendant portal in [b]"The Corrupted" strike[/b]. • The door to the Spider Tank encounter of the [b]Hollowed Lair[/b] Strike may not open for players. • In the [b]Momentum Control[/b] Crucible mode, Shaxx may incorrectly state that the match is the Control Crucible mode. [/quote]

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