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10/22/2020 3:19:14 PM

Exotic engrams lost everytime I play haunted forest

OK, the first time this happened, I dismissed it as a one off but now I think it is an issue. I use DIM on PC next to me during gameplay on PS4. I cannot play Destiny without DIM :( I had one exotic engram in the postmaster that dropped while doing this week's interferance on Titan. It remained in the postmaster since Tuesday. Many item rotations went in and out of the postmaster since so I know I had it in there. I think it was Tuesday when I was going through the haunted forest when I heard the sound of an exotic engram drop after I put a final kill on one of those red stage bosses. I didn't bother to go looking for it since I was being chased by the immune axe knight. I finished the forest run and allowed the game to matchmake me back to use 5 more Cipher Decoders. Upon starting the second forest run, I heard the exotic engram drop sound maybe twice during the run and thought my RnG was spiking :) Then I saw an exotic engram glitching in the distance - in the same way you see those blue candy motes that sometimes keep bouncing in the air until you walk over them. I stopped to ADS and look at it with my Patron of Lost Causes scout that I was using to finish a bounty for kinetic weapon final kills. I kept moving through the forest and then heard it again when I went past the same stage where it originally dropped only this time, the engram, that was bouncing in one spot suddenly fell through the stage floor when the forest rotated again. Then I saw it fall into oblivion, then fall again in the same vertical trajectory from the sky into oblivion again. I paid it no mind again as I stopped to refresh DIM to make sure I had space to 'catch it' when the forest run was done. The postmaster had ample space! I always check my inventory and DIM postmaster before opening the 5 final chests just to make sure. When I got back to the tower, I had 18/21 items in the postmaster but there was no sign of the PREVIOUS engram from Titan nor the new one(s) from the haunted forest runs!!! I thought maybe I lost my mind and may have decoded the engram in the postmaster from Titan but DIM did not register any new exotics with the red and white circle indicating something was new. They were all three missing. I'm not fussing too much but an explanation would be nice since I lost exotic engrams in the past from not paying attention to my postmaster which makes me now very eagle eye'd in DIM to ensure I manage it but if we are losing exotics due to a bug, thats concerning. Bungie, is it possible that there are date/time stamps on postmaster items whereby 'new' items going in can 'push' out 'older' ones!?! Even if I were to consider the small possibility that I took my eye away from DIM for a minute and this scenario occured, it still does not explain the fact that when I left the forest, the postmaster was 18/21 so there was space!
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