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BUG REPORT: Sprint slide cancelling causes interruption

[b]Button Mappings:[/b] Forward → w Crouch → Ctrl Sprint → Shift Jump → Spacebar ADS → R. Mouse Button Fire → L. Mouse Button [b]Description of Issue:[/b] All actions are seen in attached video. I noticed this behavior in the Crucible because of the inherent difference in play style. When going into a slide, there are 3 [i]normal[/i] ways to complete a slide: 1) let the slide finish with no added movement input, 2) Stand out of the slide using the crouch button again, and 3) Immediately re-sprinting out of a slide. The issue is raised when the 3rd method of slide canceling is used. Occasionally, when I would ADS and fire out of a slide, I would be able to do both for a split second before it would cancel both. That is to say, I would cancel a slide while aiming and shooting and it would let me aim and shoot for a split second before it forcibly stops my firing and pull me out of ADS. I believe this is caused by the 3rd method of slide cancelling. There is a set length of a slide animation before any other movement input can take place. However, one can ADS and fire while sliding. This makes me think the command queue is getting inappropriately executed. That is, if you attempt to sprint cancel your slide, since there is a delay between the slide animation completing and the next movement command, the game lets you perform allowable slide actions until that time is complete. Upon completion of the slide, the sprint command is then executed, thus cancelling any actions already taking place. However, the order of events suggests that those actions [i]technically[/i] took place [i]after[/i] the sprint command. Just like in-game, ADS and firing should cancel a sprint (such as the order of inputs suggests), but the game interprets it as the sprint cancelling ADS and firing (as the order of operations were delayed). This issue is only observed with the 3rd method of slide completion. [b]Perceived Repercussions:[/b] This "bug" could essentially allow non-slug shotgun users an easier means of movement and attack since they only need 1-shot for most duels and rarely need to ADS. However, any other weapon requires precise aim or has a TTK higher than the amount of time before ADS/Firing time is canceled. This could mean somewhat of an unfair advantage in movement speed. [b]How to Reproduce the Issue:[/b] [u]All steps are made in while continuously holding forward.[/u] Sprint and slide. The next steps are in immediate succession: sprint cancel the slide, ADS and fire [b]System:[/b] OS: 64-bit Windows 10 19041.508 CPU: Intel Core i7-9700 @ 3 GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti RAM: 32 Gb Display: 31440 x 1440 @ 120Hz Keyboard: Razer Orbweaver Mouse: Razer Naga Trinity

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