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Nötivart's Galaxy - Exotic Greatsword

Picture of Greatsword: [url][/url] This was drawn before d2, which is why its in d1 format. "...Not only that, a handful of people must slam the sword at the same spot to unleash..." -Last transmission of Nötivart, The void king <Click spoiler for lore> [spoiler] [B]"...Not only that, a handful of people must slam the sword at the same spot to unleash..."[/b] To unleash...unleash what? "I dont know. If we can find the missing two segments of the transmission I could possibly put 2 in 2 together. All that we have is: 1,2,4,5, and 7." Theres not much to work with other than shooting for its catalyst. Maybe theres more to it than we've thought. "Indeed. Nötivart is a very shy person when it comes to his belongings; Most people that do see his arsenal tends to be no less than amazed." With a hive/hand-crafted void-infused Greatsword like this, I don't blame them... -Guardian and Ghost [/spoiler] <[STATS]> __________ ___________________________ Impact:---------------[85]| Swing S.-----[30]| Charge R.----[35]| Guard R.----------------[90]| Guard Ef.--------------[87]| Guard En.---------------[90] ___________________________ Ammo Capacity: 40 ____________ <[PERKS]> Frame: [b]Great Frame[/b] : With a solid Guard so dense, This weapon is able to reflect Energy projectiles. Weak against non-elemental and void projectiles. Reflecting without energy abducts ammo. <[b]Nötivart's Gift[/b]> (Intrinsic) After a sword kill, Meele kills will return ammo, using super adds the same effect. Reflected projectiles that didnt affect ammo returns a swing as well. <[b]Nötivart's Abyss[/b]> (Exotic trait) [RT] Press : Summon a complex vortex that sits, Waiting for an enemy. Once triggered the vortex Sucks in nearby foes, dealing damage overtime. [RT] Hold : Launch a Floating ball of void that targets enemies that are nearby with heavy hitting/tracking projectiles. At the end of its cycle, the ball will explode dealing damage to foes that are close to it. ______________ <[EXOTIC CATALYST]> [Spoiler] How to obtain: Hive related strikes Method: Complex/Quest Steps: 3 S1: Complete another hive strike, kill hive with either sword aerial attacks or void damage. Kill the boss with either a void final blow or a sword final blow. Void Sword based completions grant the most effective progress. [I]Hive killed: 0/100%[/i] [I]Boss Defeated □[/i] [I]Talk to Eris mourn[/i] S2: Defeat nighmare enemies with Kinetic, Energy, and Power final blows. [I]Kinetic kills: 0/15[/i] [I]Energy kills: 0/15[/i] [I]Power kills: 0/15[/i] [I]Talk to Eris Mourn[/i] S3: Assassinate Nötivart's Nemesis with His Greatsword. [I]Kiln Auga'thunn Defeated: □[/i] *Catalyst Acquired when defeated* ___________________ <[DETAILS]> +10 Swing speed +10 Energy charge Perk: [b]Lucid Thinking[/b] [RT] Perks Last longer when not triggered, Void turret Shoots further and more aggressively and Vortex Blast enemies away when at the end of its cycle for additional damage. [/spoiler] ______________ <[ADDITIONAL DETAILS]> -the wielder will need sword ammo beforehand in order to trigger the perk [b]Nötivart's Gift[/b]. Reflecting a projectile only affecting energy will return 1 ammo. -Reflecting a void or kinetic projectile will abduct some ammo depending on the power of the said projectiles. - for the sake of game mechanics, returning ammo on energy reflects will be an overtime thing, returning one per second. - Using super will return 5 ammo. Yes, you do need ammo beforehand. - this Greatswords ability though has two different features, can only be proced one at a time. This sets either a defensive line, or a chokepoint. -Reflected projectiles Launch back 2.5x times as strong if only reflected with energy, ammo based reflections act as normal.

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