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9/26/2016 7:20:21 AM

Bungie, Stop the Omnigul Farm

I know what I am about to say is going to anger a lot of people, yet this is something that needs to be said. Allow me to start off with a quick story: Last friday, I was grinding strikes like many other people in order to get that elusive 365 light and do the raid. I happened to spawn in to the Omnigul strike, and was quickly the only person doing it as other members left for no apparent reason. Not long after, a fire team of two spawned in and things started going down hill: At first, they would stand in front of me when I was trying to shoot, then they intentionally kept suiciding to the enemies for no apparent reason. It was irritating, yet we somehow progressed to the next stage. Right when I loaded my ghost to open the door, they started running me over with their sparrows for no apparent reason. I called them out on it, and one of them sent me an invite to join their team for the upcoming raid. I was naive and joined their fire team. They immediately kicked me. When I called them out on it, the said they wanted to farm to get their light levels up and got rid of me to get their fired in. I consider myself a fair person. If they had simply messaged me and talked to me about it, I would have understood. This, however, didn't happen. Instead, I was harassed, degraded, and lied to. I write this now because this instance isn't just me telling some sob story. I want people to look at it for what it is: Bullying. This is a clear case of a guardian being bullied out of his enjoyment. I take bullying very seriously, and hopefully others do to. I don't know how rare this type of behavior is (and I am praying that my case is one of a few isolated incidents), yet it should never be acceptable to harass others just to get to a higher level faster. As much as it pains me to ask this, Bungie, please remove the ability to farm Omnigul. I say this because this method of farming is by far the most widely used way to quickly reach 365. Unfortunately, it has become clear what lengths people will go to in order to use it. This cannot stand. I love this game, form the bottom of my heart, and I don't want it to become a place where bully behavior is accepted and encouraged. I know I can't change the players, so I'm asking the makers to patch the game. I'm sorry everyone, but I can't let one exploit or farming method ruin the game.

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