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Edited by Gravy Train: 7/19/2016 3:46:37 PM
Ahem... [spoiler] [b]1. In-game Grimoire 2. SRL 3. Increased Vault space 4. No Glimmer caps, Legendary Mark caps, etc. 5. 60 fps 6. Missing TTK Exotics (where they at, Bungie?) 7. No more unwanted nerfs 8. A new enemy race (enough re-skinned crap) 9. Jumpship battles 10. Access to all Factions, Vanguard, and Vault space through Ghost/Guardian menu 11. Increased drop rates for Husk of the Pit and Crux of Crota (70 runs and still no Husk!) 12. More lore revolving around the Exo Stranger 13. Where's the Cabal DLC? 14. Remove Trickle 15. Dedicated servers 16. Test updates before releasing them (remember how they cancelled Iron Banner?) 17. Better Raid weapons (King's Fall weapons were crap, with the exception of the LMG) 18. Shader customization 19. Exotic shaders, Ships, Sparrows 20. Make Artifacts more useful (all they are is a grind-fest) 21. Allow 1 more chance to change our Guardians' appearances without having to restart. 22. Faction Artifacts, Ghosts, and Sparrows (we're getting the latter two! Yay!) 23. Exotic Warlock Boots 24. Improved Nightfall loot (enough with the Strange Coins already!) 25. Blue Nightfall flames 26. Fix Burn, Viking Funeral, and Solar Grenades (R.I.P. Sunsingers) 27. Bring back Randal (plez Bungo, plez) 28. Include all Strikes in the Heroic playlist 29. Allow us to select the Heroic version of a Strike from said Strike's menu (helps for farming) 30. Bring back old Raids (VoG is best Raid.) 31. Improve Defender bubble 32. Nerf Fusion Rifles (just kidding!) 33. Bring back Exotics trapped in the hell known as Year 1 Light levels ( Me want Ice Breaker) 34. More Cayde-6! 35. Improve Loot system (why won't I get Gauntlets?! They're at 319, and everything else I have is at least 325+!) 36. Less Zavala! (He's BOOOOORRRIIIIINNNNNG!) 37. Competitive ranked playlists 38. Moar space magic (You want it too, Cozmo!) 39. More Shaxx O'Neill! 40. Better Xûr loot! 41. More funny quotes! 42. Shooting range at the Tower 43. Less Ikora! (Also boring. But not as boring as Zavala.) 44. New class? (In Destiny 2?) 45. Cutscenes kiosk [/b][/spoiler] So? Do you agree? You'd better.

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