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Community Focus –

Our focus this week is on a community-created site that boasts tons of features to help you keep track of Destiny’s armor, weapons, Triumphs, and so much more. We recently worked with them and some other API creators to put together a checklist of the Triumphs you should complete before the end of the Season. They’ve been amazing at finding creative ways to utilize the magic of the API to create cool features for the community. 

Please meet  

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role in the Destiny community.

Alan: Hello everyone! My name is Alan / afpac and I run the Destiny 2 database and tools site, I've been a fan of FPS games all of my life, from playing freeze tag mods back in Quake 1, to everyone's favorite Assault on Zanzibar in Halo 2, all the way to Destiny 2 and other games today. Aside from that, I'm a former Top 50 world raider in World of Warcraft, so when I heard Bungie had built a game that brought aspects of the MMO genre into an FPS game, I was instantly drawn in.

In my personal life, I'm a software architect by day (imagine that), and I'm the proud dad of two adoring huskies and three indifferent cats. I enjoy hiking, biking, bowling, golfing, and traveling when there isn't a plague.
Top 50 raider huh - I was the second-best rogue on Stormrage (no, not really) but I digress. You want to introduce the rest of your team and have them share their favorite subclass and weapons?

Alan: Some may be surprised to hear the team behind the site is actually just me - I write all the code, maintain all the servers, scream when they crash, all of it.  

While I dabble in all the classes/subclasses, Warlock is home to me, and the sound of a Nova Bomb murdering a pack of Thrall was once my text message ringtone. While I fondly remember the days of sniping Hobgoblins from miles away with Icebreaker in Vault of Glass, my all-time favorite gun has to be Telesto, with The Recluse coming in a very close second.

Oh… yea I just assumed you had a team backing you up! That is impressive. What are some of the most-used features you built… by yourself? 

Alan: The Item Database that lets people see possible rolls on weapons (and suggestions from the community on which perks they should actually use - shout out to @Panda_Pax and @Mercules904) is far and away the most popular feature on the site. 

The God Roll Finder, which allows you to specify which perks you'd like and find weapons that can possibly drop with them, is another big hit. 

Finally, the Collection Leaderboard – the feature the site was originally built around –  still has a vibrant community of players who enjoy grinding out the hardest to achieve Triumphs and collecting the rarest items to climb its ranks. 

Those all sound like great resources for Guardians. Any other feature plans you are working on you want to tease out?

Alan: While I have a list as long as my arm of things I'd like to do, the closest thing on the horizon is what I'm internally calling Custom Wishlists. The idea is to allow people to customize the perk suggestions they see on weapon pages to match their own personal taste, share those lists with their friends, and quickly be able to tell which items in their inventory match up with something on their wishlist. 

Another goal here is to give a platform to the folks in the community that love spending time testing out weapons to give some guidance to their fellow guardians on what perk combinations are worth giving a shot. These featured members will be able to curate their wishlists over time and share them with the community prominently on item pages. 

There are also a few things on the backburner that are about 80% of the way there (loadout theorycrafting tool / PGCR  with an absurd number of statistics) that will hopefully see the light of day at some point.

What made you decide to jump into the API community and start 

Alan: The site really is just a collection of things that I wished existed for Destiny 2 that I couldn't find a good tool for at the time. It started as a Collection Leaderboard shortly after Destiny 2 launch because I wanted to see how my collection measured up against my friends and others in the community. From there, I wanted to really drill down into items, being able to search by insane combinations of criteria at once (ala Wowhead), so I built the Item Database. Then with the advent of random rolls, I wanted to be able to find which weapons could roll with the perks I like, so the God Roll Finder was born. 

More or less everything from there has been either something I thought would be useful/cool or a great idea from a member of the community that I've taken a stab at bringing to life.

We always love seeing what you come up with and create. Where all can we find you on the internet?

Alan: is home sweet home.

  • @lightdotgg on Twitter is a great way to find out the Trials rewards or Xur rolls on Friday, as well as stay up to date on the newest site content.
  • We have fledgling YouTube channel, where I've committed to upload more tutorial videos for different features.
  • is the site's Discord server, the best place to argue over rolls or pitch your idea for a new feature on the site.

Anything else you would like to add before we let you go?

Alan: I'd just like to thank everyone for the resounding support they've always shown. The past almost three years have been extremely exciting and humbling. Seeing a personal passion project really take off and become something tens of thousands of people use daily is something I always hoped for but never thought would actually happen. The Destiny 2 community is truly one of the best corners of the internet, and I am proud be a small part of what makes it great.

We’d like to thank Alan for stopping by to tell us all about and some of the cool features it has. Make sure you check out the site and follow them on social for updates on when new features are added. 

We love doing these and will keep them coming. If you have any suggestions on who we should focus on next let us know us on Twitter or our forums.

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