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Community Focus: DestinyTheMeme

It’s not often that you get to meet the mind behind a meme, but today, we’re getting to know the mind behind too many to count. These things don’t just grow by themselves, you know. We may think that we’re funny from time to time, but compared to this account? They’ve beaten us at our own game far too many times to let them evade the Community Focus spotlight.

Enter: DestinyTheMeme.

Ah, DestinyTheMeme. We meet at last. Who are you? No seriously… Tell us about yourself, outside of the memes!

DTM: As the email address that I used to respond to you suggests, my name is Moira, I'm an undergrad at NYU Tisch Film & TV. Outside of memes I work on animation and screenwriting; go to the cafeteria with my classmates; participate in Smash tournaments, although I have no idea what to do (I tried to pop a super as Kirby); spend quality time with my dog, as well as work on art and write my (soon to be) novel. Some fun facts: I speak three-and-a-half languages and like to collect little things.

What got you into Destiny? And to take it a step further, how did you get to your Legendary Meme status?

I had a crush a few years ago, and this crush liked Halo, but I didn't know what it was. Growing up in a place where video games are 99% times painted as a negative factor was not fun, especially when your grandma doesn't even think that girls should watch sci-fi movies. Anyways, I moved across the world, and one day while wandering in the library browsing sci-fi, I found a Halo book and went hey, isn't this my crush's profile photo? I read the book out of curiosity, and ended up really enjoying it. Googled it and found out that [it was] a game, so I looked for a chance to play it.

Unfortunately I didn't know anyone who had an Xbox, but I did make a family friend who had a PlayStation 4. Using my amazing baking skills, I bribed them with tiramisu to try it out. The family friend knew I liked Halo, so they told me: "Hey, we have a game from the same devs. Would you like to try it out?"

And that's how I met Destiny. (I played a Titan!) Ended up getting an Xbox and picked Destiny as my first game. This is December 20, 2016. And I chose... Warlock.

Meeting the game changed a lot of things. I always loved art, loved 3D modeling, loved writing, but until then I never considered them as a career. I realized I could combine everything I loved into entertainment. So I worked for it. Got into Tisch, and I'm now building my portfolio and my experience. Although I'm working on my own book and want to make it a movie in the future, I would love to work at Bungie as a screenwriter. This game changed my world and I want to be that inspiration to someone else.

Fast forward to Forsaken. E3 trailer dropped, Cayde died. I was really, really sad. I made a meme the second day and realized I was actually pretty good at memeing. Three months later, I set up Destiny the Meme (DTM), and brilliant-me decided that an upside down Destiny logo was the best way to go. Hey, it stayed.

I didn't expect to get where I am today, and a part of me is still not really prepared, but I'm always grateful for everyone who supports me and my somewhat cursed humor. In return I made promises, answering DMs being one of them. Then it's LFG service and relaying Twitter info to Instagram. I want to be a bridge that connects people, gets news across, little things like that. Although it isn't really what I was asked to do, we all want to see a good community, and I'm proud to be one of the many many players who build it.

To answer the question, I didn't become the meme alone. There are 150,000 Guardians with me.

150,000 Guardians and growing*. It must be pretty hectic keeping that community satiated. Memes can come and go in a flash. How do you keep up?

DTM: I get the "How do you come up with three memes a day?" question a lot. Truth is, I have no idea. I like to have fun and to be lighthearted. And like I said in the last question, there are others with me. Sometimes I chat with people and memes just come from these conversations. People send in ideas sometimes, and when I see a gold comment I reach out. Collab memes are fun!

During the Almighty live event, I got the entire server together so we can take a picture for a meme. The community is powerful.

I guess the other way to ask that question is “How did you get so funny, and how dare you be funnier than me?” Ah well, I’ll give credit where credit is due. The community is powerful, and it’s awesome to see content like yours in the feed. Speaking of, we’ve seen you rally for Titans quite a few times on social media. How are things going with that? Have you dabbled with Hunters and their skinny jeans lately? How about Warlocks and their floofs?

DTM: I play all three classes. I was a self-rezzing Sunsinger back in Destiny 1, changed to Hunter during Forsaken (Cayde cape!), and although I said I'd never play Titan at one point, I finally made a Titan after watching Broman's Citan's Ramparts video...

I still don't have Citan's. I don't have Shadowkeep just yet, but I can't wait till I get back on my console.

Now I'm a helicopter Warlock once again. I'll eventually rotate back to Hunter. I've learnt to enjoy all three classes – and make memes for all of them.


Glad to see another Guardian who embraces each class. While I main Hunter, I definitely love to punch things on my Titan or read books on my Warlock (while raining down fire from the skies above). Tell us a bit about your usual loadout. Is it meme tier, or do you have some favorite weapons/Exotics that you gravitate towards?

DTM: I do not have a meme loadout. Very disappointing, I know.

I enjoy heavier guns. I don't know how to describe this, but Graviton Lance weighs a lot more than Outbreak and I enjoy that heavy recoil a lot. Stable, heavy-hitting, long range. Stability is always the primary factor so Pulses are my favored category. Then I have a panic weapon–Shotguns and Fusions–to blast anything else in my way. 

I'm a PvE player, and I'm known to drop 200 kills in Strikes. Monte Carlo Sunbracers FTW! Gravlance and Trinity are babies! Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

I see you have good taste with Graviton being at the front of your mind. So, let’s talk content. Drop us some links. What are the best places to see your memes, art, and more?

DTM: destiny_thememe Instagram and Twitter. Also, theeverdrift is my art account. I'm working on a legit website for my portfolio too, but that probably won't be a thing until I finish college...

Do you have any words of wisdom for the Destiny community before you go?

DTM: Oh sparrow of the lake, what is your wisdom?


Let everyone enjoy the modes/classes/loadouts that they enjoy.

(Whispers) guardians need beards.

Final question: Cats or Bread?

DTM: Baguette. I'm a dog person (although my neighbor's cat loves me).

Drifter Pog,

Wait, what? Drifter… pog? Ok. That’s a new one.

Many thanks to Moria for spending some time with us this week. Do you have any suggestions for future Community Focus articles? Feel free to let me or Cozmo know! We’re are always eager to get to know the stories behind this amazing community. 

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