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Community Focus: BroFish

Our focus this week is a content creator from Mixer who loves raiding in Destiny. Despite the name, she is not a “Bro,” but at the same time she possesses all of the positive qualities you might find in one of your “bros.” She likes chilling with her community and taking down bosses. 

Please meet BroFish.

Welcome to your Community Focus, tell us a bit about who are you and what do you do for a living?

BroFish: My name is BroFish and I am a full-time content creator on Mixer.
What got you into gaming?

BroFish: When I was six I moved to a new town, and the first friend I met had Pokémon Yellow on the Gameboy Color. I would go over to her house every day after school and play Pokémon. I've been playing games ever since.

Playing games is one thing, streaming them is on another level. What first got you into streaming?

BroFish I first learned what livestreaming was when Prison of Elders was revealed in May of 2015. I saw ProfessorBroman laughing and having the time of his life, and I wanted to know more about streaming. After spending months watching streams, I decided to put myself out there and stream so I could meet more people who played Destiny. 

I started on Twitch four years ago doing raid carries here and there, but I had yet to find my home. This is where Mixer came in. I switched to Mixer in March of 2018, after hearing good things from friends who had switched to the platform. I felt incredibly welcomed by everyone and the community was so strong. Being able to interact with your chat with zero delay made a huge leap for community interaction, which always comes first to me. I knew within the first week that I had found my new home, and I knew I wanted to build the Destiny directory on Mixer. I'm proud of how the directory has developed in the past two years and I can't wait to see where it goes in the future.
That POE stream was a great one. Let’s talk memories, what’s a moment in Destiny history that is still with you today?

BroFish: There was a point during Age of Triumph where I was asked while streaming to do a raid with a number of leading community members in the Destiny directory. This sticks out for me because it was the first time I felt that I truly had a larger place in the Destiny directory and it made me want to strive to grow myself and my brand so that I could in time lead and inspire others to chase their dreams as well. 

Despite me accidentally muting myself on Discord for half of the raid, I still have lasting friendships that came out of that Wrath of the Machine raid. The Destiny Community is strong, and it saved me when I was going through a lot of pain and hurt. I'll always be grateful to Bungie for creating this world and to the Guardians I get the privilege of sharing this world with.

Tell me more about yourself – hobbies outside of streaming, random stuff that you enjoy doing other than videogames even.
BroFish: I played volleyball for seven years in school, even receiving medals at the national championships. I played basically every sport my school had to offer. I also enjoy drawing and doing puzzles or anything which challenges my brain. I also shamelessly watch “Judge Judy” and “Jeopardy” in my spare time.

Everyone loves Jeopardy right? What was your first console game/PC game? How did your gaming habits evolve from Pokémon?

BroFish: From Pokémon I started playing other JRPGs. My first console game that I fell in love with was Final Fantasy X. From there on I played a lot of other RPGs like Assassin's Creed and Zelda as well. Then, six years ago, I picked up Destiny for the first time and played it for 12 hours straight, and I was hooked on looter shooters from then on.

What class do you call home? What’s your favorite build in Destiny when it comes to subclass/weapons.

BroFish: I started playing Destiny 1 as a Hunter, but once I tried Warlock I completely fell in love with slap fights and floofing around. I love dunking on people with Nova Bombs, or channeling my inner tickle fingers with Stormcaller. 

My favorite build usually consists of some sort of hand cannon/sniper or scout rifle/sniper build. I fell in love with Randy's Throwing Knife the second I used it, and I was a huge user of Vision of Confluence and Fatebringer in D1. My favorite armor piece by far was the Nothing Manacles and I miss them so, but I do enjoy running Crown of Tempests with Stormtrance.

Where can people find you online?

BroFish: You can find me at, on Twitter at BroFishTV, and on Instagram at brofish__.

We want to think BroFish for taking the time to share her story and give us a chance to learn more about her and her channel. Make sure you give her a visit at the links above and drop in on one of her streams to say hi.

We plan to keep seeking out interesting people in our community. If you have any ideas on who we should focus on next let us know us on Twitter or our forums.

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