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Items Collected
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There is always a player on the nightside, unseen and perfect—and patient.
G-335 Anseris Overdrive
A lost artifact of the Golden Age.
Eon Drive
A lost artifact of the Golden Age.
Warsat incoming.
Azure Azazyel
Primarily used on the ice caps of Mars during the Golden Age.
Gray Hornet
This Sparrow zips and dives and comes in for the sting.
Blacklight Razor
Mounted with harmonized twin pulse engines for a blazing attack.
Comrades in Arms
None of us can do it alone. And none of us should want to.
Pacific Deception
Something waits beyond the horizon.
G-693 Orchestral Maneuver
The spheres are singing to us.
G-72 Classical Sepheid
Listen to the wisdom of the red planet.
Andes Peakhunter
Climbing ever higher in search of triumph.
Glam Toboggan
Shine on, you crazy jewels!
Sickle Skiff
Skittering toward victory.
Owner of hearts and minds—whether they like it or not.
Fiery Phoenician
Rise and be reborn for justice.
Mad Son of Seychelles
Disciple of the land of palms.
Alton's Ambush
"I bet Elsie could make it go faster." —Alton Bray
The shepherd of souls in flight.
An intimidating, air-slicing arrowhead.
Its emblem is a burst of energy. And it's well-deserved.
Baffling. Alien. Insectoid. Difficult. Unsurpassed.
You would do well to remember the power of the lone wolf.
Orcinus Swath
You'll hear it coming long before you'll have to jump out of the way.
Serriform 7
A dangerous, fast, snarling creature.
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