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COMPILING latest [θ] intelligence… Insufficient justification to pursue present action…
Ada-1's Lone Wolf
"It's an old-fashioned oxymoron. There is no such thing. But, you must admit, there is something charming about old fashions…" —Ada-1
"Kinsmen to kinsmen should be true." —The Saga of Olaf Haraldson
Glad Tidings
"This may be the 'Last Safe City,' but we've still gotta look out for each other." —Suraya Hawthorne
Home Away
We celebrate the Dawning no matter what's under our feet.
The Platinum Starling
Power, grace, tradition.
Forgotten Vortex
What's lost is not always forgotten.
Inky Daydream
What could have been?
Grim Foxx
They'll never see me coming.
Turbo Hammer
Can't slow down.
Dream Streak
Nothing's going to stop us now.
Granite Burrow
A force that could move the earth.
Cosmo Jumper
Skipping through galaxies like a stone.
Azul Blade
The deepest blues and blacks you ever saw.
Ruby Slice
Sharp like your mind.
Cautious Optimism
Everything is always getting better.
The People's Pride
Our hearts swell with every victory.
Technical Meltdown
A quick escape when it all falls apart.
Momentum Occasion
You'll be talking about it for years to come.
Galaxy Kayak
For when you're paddling upriver in a stream of stars.
Cold Snap
The air's a little colder, a little cleaner up here.
Flight of Fancy
Lose yourself among the stars.
Classical Nova
New stars burn brightest.
In With the New
This year, go somewhere you've never been.
Whetted Resolution
Let renewed purpose guide your trajectory.
Bird of Peace
There is joy in flight.
Crux Unraveled
Let old wounds heal.
Celestial Tour
When you reach the farthest star, keep going.
Affinity's Gift
As you give so shall you receive.
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